Imagine investing in stocks or mutual funds without the up-front costs, fees or market volatility. That is how you will be paid when you sell your house using SellerFi.

 Your home is an Asset!

Use SellerFi,  

Earn an Income,

Retire Well.

Benefits of Investing via SellerFi

  • Earn an Extra Monthly Income

  • No Brokerage or Commission Fees

  • Tax Saving Method

  • Retirement Strategy

Retire with SellerFi

SellerFi prevents you from losing money on the sale   of your house! This is because you can avoid paying capital gains taxes when you sell using SellerFi.

A capital gains tax is one levied on the profits realized from the sale of real estate and other capital assets.

The median home sales prices have more than doubled over the past two decades affecting many long-term homeowners.” - CNBC

The home owner will never have to pay brokerage or commission fees to sell. In addition, you’ll be relieved of all property tax and insurance payments.

How SellerFi Works?

Payment Term: SellerFi is flexible and can be designed to fit your income needs. The tenure of the investment sale of your property can range between five (5) and twenty five (25) years. The full purchase of the property can occur before the end of the tenure as an added option to the home owner.

Time Frame: Once the purchase contract is processed and sale closes the SellerFi team can begin issuing payments to you within fourteen (14) days.

Our company understands your unique situation. This is why we invest in you.

Our resources are vast and we are directly connected with forward thinking real estate investors and pros all across the country.

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Are you looking to fund your retirement?

With pensions and social security payments vanishing, you might be needing an extra income. You can count on us.

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